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FootGolf 2017 a success for Vaqueros Youth Academy

By Clay Massey, 11/20/17, 8:45PM CST


FORT WORTH _ Some of the carpet-like greens of Rockwood Golf Course enjoyed unfamiliar company on Saturday.

Instead of golfers with golf clubs, the greens welcomed Fort Worth futbol fans and their soccer balls. Rockwood played host to the Fort Worth Vaqueros’ FootGolf Tournament where proceeds benefitted the Vaqueros non-profit Youth Academy.

Vaquero academy director Mark Snell thought the day proved successful.

“We like to keep in contact with our fans,” Snell said. “When the academy begins we will be a 12-month-a-year business. It was great to see everybody out here. I thought the turn out was super.”

Snell hopes construction on Vaqueros Field at Sycamore Park will begin in the next week. The club and the City of Fort Worth are collaborating to convert four tennis courts at Sycamore Park into a youth sized, synthetic surface field.

The surface will be unlike any other turf soccer has been played on before. The surface will play more like grass, as the synthetic turf has no rubber. Vaqueros supporters welcome the idea of a no pay youth academy with open arms.

Vaqueros supporter Adam Perez believes the idea can thrive in a community like Fort Worth. His daughter plays soccer at fields near Sycamore Park.

“If the parents know it’s out there for them, that is the biggest thing,” Perez said. “Kids are not always the best at relaying that information back. It’s good to see we’re trying to get away from the pay to play teams to get the inner city youth in. It has been very exciting being able to speak with Coach Snell about it.”

Perez was one of many Vaquero fans that competed in Saturday’s FootGolf tournament. There was quite a gap in the field with the winners shooting 24 while the last place team shot 45.

“It’s incredibly fun,” Perez said. “This was the first time we’ve been able to do this. To see a lot of soccer fans out here like this to support is a good feeling.”