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The Future of the Sports Management world!

The Fort Worth Vaqueros have been in Fort Worth for 10 years and we are taking 2023 to celebrate being in cowtown for the past decade. We started back in 2013 with announcing the club and playing our first season in 2014. We have since then survived a global pandemic and returned back to playing in the NPSL. Even during the pandemic, we continued to play with the innovative Roja League. As a small business 10 years is a great accomplishment, the reality is we can't do it alone. We are successful thanks in part to this community we serve, our fans, our players, and our sponsors.

Serving our community has always been and will always be central to why we exist. And providing the younger generation an opportunity is what this post is about. As a small business, everyone in our front office is always wearing a thousand hats, it's how this world works. We also rely and are very grateful of our volunteers. That being said, we have always wanted to provide the future generation an opportunity to experience the sports management world and provide them an insight to a future career. Our local college internship program has looked very different over the years, but we enjoy giving our local college students the opportunity.

Our 2023 internship class has recently been announced and we are working with a great group of young adults that share our love of the beautiful game and also have a true interest in gaining insight into the sports management world. Let us introduce our 2023 class of interns for the Fort Worth Vaqueros Futbol Club, if you see them out an event, please say hi and welcome them to the team.

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