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Vaqueros in the community!

The Vaqueros have always strived to be a part of the community here in Fort Worth! We aren't perfect and there have been times we have missed something or in fact been "wrong", but we try! And we will continue to keep trying! Prior to COVID for easily 4-5 years, we were doing over 100 community events a year! We would do festivals, elementary readings, clinics, and much more! Yesterday we felt a little like the old days!

Yesterday we had the pleasure to participate in a training for the Yellow Jackets U8 team, a local team here in Fort Worth. Vaqueros player and coach Alek Cosio assisted in this training session with the young athletes. They had a great time, there was great weather and it was a great experience.

We loved being able to get out and support the local youth community! It's part of what we do that make it all worth while. If you have a team or an event and would like us to participate, please don't hesitate to reach out. And it doesn't have to be soccer related, we like participating in all kinds of events! Please reach out to our General Manager at

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